How to love what you are doing

The problem…

Why don’t you love what you are doing?
Because you are doing it for the sake of achieving something else!

Doing something for a reason is the problem! 

We are learning in school: Learn, so you’ll get good grades! Get good grades so you can go to university! Go to university so you can get a good job! Get a good job to…
So, the problem with this is: We are giving away a skill. The skill of doing something because it is in it’s own worth. We are trapped in a thinking, that contains only doing something for achieving something else.

What is bliss?

This thinking is the opposite of flow. It is also the opposite of bliss. What is bliss? Bliss is loving what you are doing. Bliss is being in a state of flow. Like the musician, who is so focused on his play, that he loses the feeling for time and just plays. 
This is the goal: That we get so good at something, that we can improvise. That all the small steps we have learned on the way can be combined into something great. For this we need practice – a lot of practice. And a lot of practice feels like work when it is done for a reason.
The journey is the reward. We have heard this saying often. But what is the true meaning? The deeper meaning is that we stop doing things to achieve other things. That we do things because they have their beauty in themselves.
This doesn’t mean that you should stop doing what you are doing. It means doing the things you are already doing but doing them with love. How to do this? 

How to love what you are doing

Be in the now!

Firstly by coming to the moment. Don’t look to the goal. Don’t look for the result. Come to present and watch yourself doing what you are doing. Concentrate. Center yourself. Forget the future and the past. Keep the focus on only what your are doing.

Life is a game!

Second start to seeing it as a game. Imagine you are playing while doing what you are doing. What happens in a game? You can play freely. Playing is without fear. Playing is creative. Playing is fun. Playing is not serious. Stop taking things serious! Because they aren’t! The whole life is a game. The whole world is our playground. Become the child you once was! Start fooling around.


Third: Challenge yourself to new hights. Try to become the best in what you are doing. Improve yourself. How could you do this activity more playful, more efficient, faster, more beautiful? Grow!

Give value!

Four: Make the somebody else’s life better! How could you do the same task in a way, that it improves the lifes of others more? How could you make somebody else smile by doing it? How can you do this in a way that makes the people you serve start to believe in the goodness of humanity again? How can you do it, so it really gives value to others?


Five: Then teach others how to do this. Teach by example. We are all teachers. We just have to decide on what to teach. Teach others to achieve your successes! Others are always learning from our actions. 

The way to happiness

This is one way to happiness.

Source: patrickseabird